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We provide only the best long lasting quality materials and high end embroidery for your items

Racing Empire is specialized in custom designs and logo creation, making business, company and club apparel.

We offer special condition for resellers and bigger orders.

If you need your own logo, please contact us for a quote.

Please email us the details of the additional text and logos, if possible attach also a sample image.

If we will not receive any email with instructions, the additional text is placed where it fits best.

Shipping is direct from our factory in Asia by registered Airmail – the shipment fees are included already, a tracking number and a tracking link will be provided.

The general handling time takes 4-6 working days. The shipping time by the carrier can differ depending on your location it will be 15 – 25 working days.

Shipping to Italy, South America or remote islands can take even longer.

Our promise to you: You will receive the your order or a replacement if it is lost.

We will answer to any e-mail – we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Be informed of your rights and obligations at our general terms and condition and buy with confidence by understanding the general terms and conditions of sale.

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